Best Small Group


Burlesque Hall of Fame

2 To Fly

The Acrobatic Teasers:
Ben Franklin & Joshua Dean

"The husky beefcake man-meat of 2 To Fly doing a strip/reverse strip as one dressed the other while the other undressed the one—all through duo acrobatics. These two boys—fun, hot, strong as hell, and making me question my number on the Kinsey scale. "

J.D Oxblood: Burlesque Beat


"NYC balancing act 2 To Fly made getting dressed sexy (and awe-inspiring)."

Justin Lockwood: Next Magazine

New York’s 2 To Fly finished with an athletic acrobatic routine based on the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Their synchronization was incredible, as well as their physicality. They walked off stage to a standing ovation.

Jimmy Berg: Burlesque Beat




2 To Fly is currently featured every month in Burlesque Hall of fame winning Boys' Night Revue and Musical Mondays:Live at NYC's Slipper Room each 1st Thursday and 3rd Monday of the month! Click HERE for more information and to purchase tickets.